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University policy

The University has policies on support for pregnant students / students with very young children and for students with other caring responsibilities.


There is on-site childcare at the University, which provides a pre-school nursery and a holiday playscheme for older children.

For other local childcare providers, see:

Financial support


Campus facilities

  • Access: Buggy friendly routes around campus are signposted on the green and white signs. The University has also recently set up an access route on campus for students and staff who use wheelchairs or pushchairs. To see the route you can view this map, or for more information you can look at this PDF
  • Emergency supplies: An ‘emergency kit’ with nappies, baby food etc. is available on request from the Reception desk at the Lifelong Learning Centre
  • Breastfeeding:
    • The Lifelong Learning Centre in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building welcomes student parents and will make a quiet room available for their use if possible
    • Other departments may also be able to make a room available on request

Meeting other student parents online is a website which you may find useful.

If you want to meet parents local to the Leeds area, try Netmums.

Meeting other student parents in person

  • The Lifelong Learning Centre organises regular social events at which student parents are present, and also organises events specifically for student parents and their families. For upcoming events check our events page.
  • The Lifelong Learning Centre welcomes friends and family to its Welcome events for new students and also hosts a Freshers Week tea party in September specifically for student parents new to the University and their families

NUS student parents website

These pages bring together NUS research, toolkits, briefings and information about campaigns, with links to external organisations and research carried out locally by students’ unions.

Click here to access the NUS student parents website.