Lifelong Learning Centre

The Leeds Partnership

Students in a lecture

Leeds University Union and the University of Leeds have brought staff and students together to set out their mutual expectations as members of the University. At the heart of The Leeds Partnership are the core values on which a Leeds education is based, with a particular emphasis on:

  • what staff can expect from students
  • what staff can expect from staff
  • what students can expect from students
  • what students can expect from staff

The Lifelong Learning Centre seeks to live-out The Leeds Partnership in every aspect of its work from the first point of contact with a potential applicant through to graduation and beyond. We are committed to providing a student education service that is approachable, with friendly, welcoming staff, and which values individual students and what they bring to the University.

In particular, we contribute to The Leeds Partnership through:


  • targeted outreach, admissions and pre-university programmes for prospective students and applicants
  • a Pre-Entry Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) service which carries the Matrix quality standard
  • highly skilled teaching staff, expert in their subject disciplines and in developing students’ potential
  • high levels of specialist academic and pastoral support, relevant to part-time, mature and foundation level students
  • professional administrative services, knowledgeable about the processes that underpin a good student experience

Tailored support

  • relevant to the distinct needs of LLC students and applicants
  • designed to help students develop academically and as individuals
  • provided at times that suit our students
  • understanding of students’ personal circumstances
  • offering high levels of one-to-one and small group contact
  • with excellent links to other University services


  • active in creating opportunities to hear students’ views
  • attentive to what students tell us
  • ready and willing to act on feedback
  • dedicated to the constant improvement of our courses and services

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