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Technology in the classroom

Posted on Friday, 22 November 2013 at 10am
by Lifelong Learning Centre Staff.
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There has been a lot of very favourable feedback from students following the introduction of iPads into several Business Management modules. They have proven particularly effective in the Introduction to Marketing sessions.

Students used the iPads as part of a customer segmentation activity, investigating the MP3 market and identifying the potential different customer segments and then justifying why their chosen segment was appropriate. The iPads were used by the students to research relevant statistics and data to underpin their decisions. This resulted in well supported arguments justifying the appropriateness of the market segment they chose. For example, one group suggested a spoken book and underpinned this with an ageing population and there being more people in the 50+ category than ever before, hence greater demand for a product of this nature.

Tutors on all the LLC programmes are constantly looking for ways to integrate technology into the learning and using the iPads for research is just one of the possible uses in the classroom. The use of specific applications will be the focus for future development.

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