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Meeting the Matrix standard

Posted on Thursday, 13 October 2016 at 10am
by Mohammed Hussain. See more of my posts here.
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I am delighted to announce that our free and impartial Pre-entry information, advice and guidance (IAG) service has once again been accredited as meeting the Matrix quality standard.

Accreditation by Matrix is such good news as it’s a sign to people walking through our doors that the service they will receive from us will be objective, impartial and delivered to a high standard. Matrix accreditation is the industry standard for IAG and the assessment process looks in detail at what we offer. For example, in order to receive the accreditation we need to show we offer truly impartial advice and are not biased towards courses offered here at Leeds. As we are very careful not to recommend an education route to someone based on our own interests we were very happy to have this confirmed.

We offer one-to-one appointments, typically around 45 minutes in length, so that we can discuss with clients in detail their possible progression route(s), how they can progress (for example, how they can fit study around family or work commitments) and what the next steps in their education should be. We also encourage clients to take stock of their education / career development and reflect on key achievements and decisions. This means that we can offer tailored advice and guidance based on an individual’s needs and interests. We also continually look to assess and improve our service. We ask each client shortly after their appointment for feedback, and relevant members of staff meet regularly to look at these comments and discuss how we can improve on any areas of weakness.

After many years of working as a Guidance Officer I have seen many determined people who want to return to education and who are prepared to do this whilst juggling work, family or other commitments. The reason I am here is to offer advice on the best way to get to where you want to be, or even to help you decide what they would like to study – not everybody who books an appointment is certain about what they want to do. I can’t tell you what to do but if you’re interested in discussing your options for returning to education you can find out more about the service here.

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