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Posted on Friday, 23 September 2016 at 5pm
by Tony Ellis. See more of my posts here.
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As of today we have become the Lifelong Learning Centre at the University of the Year and rightly proud of this recognition of what Leeds stands for and has achieved!

It is not always the case that lifelong learning is aligned with the core values and mission of universities – in too many places it can feel a marginal activity or one that is somehow marching to the beat of a different drum from that of the rest of the institution. But this is emphatically not so at Leeds. The values that underpin lifelong learning are exactly the values of the University as a whole – a readiness to welcome all, regardless of age or background; respectful, creative partnership between tutors and students; learning as part of a much bigger personal and professional journey. There is also clear recognition at Leeds that to do some of these things well for non-traditional learners means having a dedicated centre that focuses on programmes and support for part-time and mature learners and equips students from under-represented backgrounds to achieve success in the bracing environment of a Russell Group university.

The Vice-Chancellor in his comments on this accolade rightly draws attention to the brilliant part played by all members of the University – staff and students alike – in making it the kind of inspiring, award-winning place that it is. He also recognises our indebtedness to the city for the vibrant and inclusive community in which we have our part. All of this is just as true for us in lifelong learning: it is people and communities that matter, working together to make a difference.

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